Russian virusologists and Syrian small hamsters confirm: medicine for atypical pneumonia was located. This familiar by all the preparation of arbidol.


The flash of heavy sharp respiratory syndrome (SARS), the very same SARS, that was begun during November 2002 in South China, did not pass without leaving a trace. Epidemic was extended in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, China (Hong Kong), Canada, Taiwan and USA. One case of atypical pneumonia was registered, also, in Russia, in Amur region. Physicians await new communications about this fatal illness.


The absence of the mass cases SARS in our country no one must calm: the threat of the drift to us of the agent of atypical pneumonia is very high with the active commercial and economic connections of Russia with southeastern Asia. Especially as koronavirus it is sufficiently steady in the environment and easily it is transferred from one man to the next. Two mechanisms of the transfer of the virus are even now known: aerogenic by air and fecal- oral many infections of the digestive tract so are transferred. Two years physicians worked at the search for means, to which was sensitive koronavirus, which causes this infection.



Medicine was found in Russia, in the virusological center OF NII - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE microbiology under The sergiyevym settlement. Recently this scientific-medical subdivision of Defense Ministry became famous because of the threat of bioterrorism. But by sensational medicine proved to be well familiar many the preparation of arbidol.


In order to understand, as this became possible, it is necessary to complete small excursus into the history of this young and dangerous infection. After encountering with the first patients with atypical pneumonia, physicians stepped to the unknown soil. The specific methods of warning and treatment this infection they, naturally, not had. And the first victims of disease obtained treatment with antibiotics as with usual pneumonia. Then, when they refined virus nature of disease, to the victims of koronavirusa they began to give antiviral preparations. They gave them "blindly", without the preliminary tests of their effectiveness. This was the step of the desperation: indeed to conduct serious tests physicians not could.


The first preliminary data about the preparations, which possess activity against koronavirusa, which causes SARS, appeared abroad during December 2003 yr later after the beginning of flash. Tests were carry ouied in vitro on the cultures of the cells of viruses SARS, reared under the artificial laboratory conditions. Antiviral means practically all known in the West were tested, but the circle of those chosen proved to be very narrow. An increase in koronavirusov in the culture of cells suppressed some interferons and ribavirin. This preparation is well known to specialists. However, the risk of possible complications with the treatment ribavirinom of atypical pneumonia was still higher than during the usual application. The fact is that agent SARS is sensitive only to the very high doses of ribavirina, into hundreds of times exceeding those dosages, which used earlier. Interferons are also unsafe and road.


Briefly, the search for the medicines, active against the virus SARS, remains extremely urgent and to this day. Unfortunately, the study of such preparations on the patients SARS is practically impossible. The victims of disease are scattered 0 0N throughout the world, but their number is not so great: usually for the clinical testing of the medicines of a study they carry out in a very large quantity of patients. Yes even the state of patients frequently is so critically in the essence, many of them are located between life and death that research cannot be conducted practically.


Studies in such cases are in vitro the first stage of tests. Study is then compulsorily conducted in vivo on the living organisms. Physicians use for this so-called models of animals, whose disease flows approximately just as in man. Search for model very complex problem. The fact is that white mice and rat, guinea pigs, the rabbits, hens and even closest to us pigs and monkey either do not fear virus SARS, or they be ill by this infection easily.



By the closest relatives of man on this ailment proved to be Syrian small hamsters. True, in contrast to homo sapiens they do not perish from koronavirusa, but very course of disease and nature of the defeat of lungs in them is very similar to the human.


Since the small hamsters are more tenacious, the estimation of treatment in them is determined not on this criterion of viability, but on reduction in the quantity of viruses SARS in the lungs. Certainly, there are other indices, which testify about the gravity of disease, but this is the main thing.


By sensational medicine became familiar many the preparation of arbidol. He passed all stages of tests. In vitro arbidol, as ribavirin, suppressed the multiplication of virus SARS in the culture of cells. In exactly the same manner it worked also in the Syrian small hamsters, infected by the agent of atypical pneumonia. Arbidol by 93,8 percent suppressed the reproduction of viruses in small hamsters considerably it was weakened the defeat of lungs. Simultaneously biochemical indices were normalized in them, the picture of the blood was improved and the course of disease was facilitated. How to extrapolate these data to the man? This means that the disease in it will be more easily and, most likely, it will not prove to be fatal.


Together with arbidolom the scientists conducted study and mezilata of arbidola. This is the new, modified and more actively formula of arbidola. Mezilat of arbidola can be will be produced not only in the tablets, but also in the form of solution for the injections. But preparation in the injections is not yet registered, and its appearances can be awaited within the next few years.


For sure many does interest a question, why the selection of physicians bollard to arbidol preparation is well known and is utilized for treatment and preventive maintenance of influenza and ORVI? This is easy ob"yasnimo. First, arbidol stimulates in the organism the production of our natural interferon. Namely the preparations of interferon are active against the agent SARS. In the second place, arbidol possesses straight antiviral activity. This effect of medicine is caused no doubt with respect to the virus of influenza. Recently it is confirmed by the most serious studies in the world center OF WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION for influenza, most known and most authoritative in the world laboratory. But if preparation is effective against the agent of influenza, it is possible that the same action it possesses also against other viruses.



Arbidol because of its safety profitably looks against the background of other preparations against SARS. In entire time of its usage not it was registered not one serious side effect. But this means that it can be used not only for treating atypical pneumonia, but also widely be used for its preventive maintenance.


It already is approximately so used now during treatment and warning of influenza and sharp respiratory virus infections (ORVI). Not last role plays and the price of arbidola it incomparably cheaper than interferons and ribavirina. Their report about the tests of arbidola the specialists of the virusological center OF NII - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE microbiology conclude by "recommendations regarding the application of arbidola, mezilata of arbidola and ribavirina for the preventive maintenance and the treatment SARS". But this means that in the course of time they can be officially affirmed by Ministry of Pub. Health RF. How it takes a long time to await this solution? To say is unambiguously complicated. But it would wish so that this would occur earlier than the new flash of atypical pneumonia will break out.